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Short Term Loans

Overspending? Unexpected bills? A few days left until the next payday? There are many reasons why people in similar cases turn to YOLoan.co.uk for fast financial help and same day loans. Here, we want to make your application for a payday loan very; we don't believe in over complicating issues.

Short Term Loans

This type of loan is normally taken out over a period of 1-3 month. Short term loans intended to cover any unforeseen situation. You can borrow from £50 to £2,000 for Short Term Loans and £3,000 to £25,000 for Personal Loans range. 

There's no any restriction on what to use your loan for, there are different reasons people turn to other kinds of finance like payday loans and short-term loans. 

If you can't pay back any loan from us within one month, an installment loan will help you spread the cost of the loan. If you're able to repay the installment loan early, then you'll save interest

YOLoan is part of an exciting group of UK financial service sites specializing in payday loans and short-term finance. We help many people each week to find extra finances to assist with their present finances. We understand that a lot of people applying for payday loans may be facing some form of financial hardship, therefore Lenders on our Lending Platform will give you the lowest APR as well as Interest rates.

Fast Money Transfers

We give a transparent introductory service that allows you to apply for a loan and receive an instant decision within 2 minutes only. Once approved, YOLoan Lenders will transfer funds to your bank account within 10 minutes of your application. A lot of our customers need fast financial access which is why we are proud of our incredibly fast money transfers.

Why Payday Loan?

It offers a lot more flexibility compared to other borrowing options. You can just borrow small amounts of cash for the exact period that you need it, opportunities that a lot of UK lenders and high street banks don't give. Over 8.1 million payday loans in the UK are taken out every single yearly with three-quarters of people making use of them to cover costs which they weren't expecting like a bill for car repair. The average amount that many individuals borrow when they take out a payday loans ranges £250 to £270. Statistics from The Guardians on United Kingdom payday loans 

Information For Loan Application

When you're applying for a certain payday, there is some information needed by lenders to help in decision-making. YOLoan won't carry out any credit check that will harm your credit rating. The personal information which will help them decide if you're ideal for a loan. Here's a breakdown of the information will need to decide.

 • Your Date of Birth – 18 years minimum is required

• Your Address – For United Kingdom fraud regulations and anti-money laundering, your address detail is required to make sure that you can't take out any credit under somebody else’s name. It's also used to ensure that your bank account is the same as the address you have given.

• Employment History and Monthly Salary – together with the monthly outgoings will provide an idea of the monthly repayments you'll realistically afford. If it appears that you may struggle with to make your monthly repayments, we may decide that taking a loan is not the ideal solution for you and rather offer you particular borrowing solutions that may interest you.

The full costs will often be shown to you and the entire amount you'll repay before accepting your loan offer. We don't charge any fees, we don't have any and will never have; applying with us is free of charge. We give a free to use internet loans service which implies you won't be hit with hidden costs which is the reason we keep growing as one of the UK’s top loan service providers.

YOLoan.co.uk is passionate regarding responsible lending; now if a payday loan isn't necessarily the best alternative for your current financial case, we will always provide you with some advice on other alternative borrowing options which may be available to you. Our lender matching technology always gives you an immediate online decision within few seconds of submitting the application process. Our Customer Services are on hand at each phase of the application process to guide and advise you.


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